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Your donation to the Re-Purpose New Jersey program has helped us for over 10 years to:

  • Rescue neglected/abandoned farm animals and provide them with a forever home at the Triple C Ranch

  • Provide environmental-education programs to school-aged students at no cost to the schools

  • Re-purpose approximately 750,000-1 million pounds of textiles each year and keep them out of landfills 

  • Renovate our organic vegetable garden and orchards at the Triple C Ranch and Nature Center

  • Expand our program, putting more textile bins in central-Jersey locations, making clothing recycling more convenient and accessible

As our program looks to the future, here is what your support will help RNJ do in 2020 and beyond: 

  • Host coat, shoes, and clothing drives to provide much-needed resources for wealth-challenged families in NJ and beyond

  • Provide donations/grants to other non-profit community organizations, including food banks during the pandemic

  • Accept more rescued farm animal friends into our sanctuary, and cover their medical expenses, supplies, and care

  • Kick-start a new initiative to provide emergency clothing and insulation to families who lose their homes in natural disasters 

  • Expanding our environmental education programs to more students and groups