Re-Purpose NJ (RNJ) is New Jersey's premier textile recycler, keeping over one million pounds of clothing, shoes, and other consumer goods out of landfills each year. RNJ saves taxpayers and communities through state recycling grants and tax-deductible receipts, and offers curbside pickup for seniors, the handicapped, and large textile donations. 

We are constantly innovating our model to find new ways to reach the goal of a sustainable shared future. Currently we are working to provide resources to wealth-challenged families as well as those impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. The RNJ program also funds environmental cleanup and conservation projects throughout New Jersey and beyond. Our award-winning environmental ed programs re-connect youth to the environment, particularly in heavily developed urban areas where access to nature is lacking.

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Re-Purpose New Jersey (RNJ) has textile recycling bin locations in central New Jersey, and our highly successful program is looking for additional partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do we accept?

  • Shirts

  • Jeans

  • Coats/jackets

  • Scarves, gloves & hats

  • Dresses/skirts

  • Suits/dress pants

  • Children's clothing

  • Socks/stockings

  • Shoes

  • Handbags/accessories

  • Sweatpants/pajama pants


1. What is the Re-Purpose NJ (RNJ) textile recycling program?

RNJ is the only textile (clothing) program solely owned and operated by a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. We provide no-cost services to municipalities, libraries, businesses, schools and government agencies.

Our partners include the USEPA, Woodbridge and Edison school systems, and green business leaders. Recycling and re-purposing textiles is good for the environment and saves millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars, while providing tax incentives and grants to municipalities who use our charity's program.

2. Is there any cost for the program?

No cost - in fact, just the opposite. Your municipality, school, library, business, or agency will benefit by receiving a tax-deductible receipt for space utilized or textiles donated. RNJ currently recycles textiles for over 250,000 people, and provides vital services to New Jersey and beyond.

3. Do textiles really cost our taxpayers millions of dollars?

On average, textiles constitute over 9% of all landfill or incinerator usage. With waste disposal costs at $60 or more per ton, this translates to immediate savings! RNJ benefits the environment and makes our world sustainable for future generations, and tax-deductible receipts for each textile donation further incentivizes the program. 

4. What are the benefits of partnering with RNJ?

RNJ provides a tax-deductible receipt for any space or textiles donated. All municipalities get state recycling grants for every pound of textiles donated as well as audited annual recycling tonnage reports.

5. Does RNJ only accept textiles?

NO - while our textile recycling bins only accept textiles, RNJ has a variety of programs to donate your car, boat, jewelry, collectibles, or estate. We also provide home buyers/sellers and their realtors with no-cost clean-out services to de-clutter a home before an open house/sale. Please email us to learn about our other donation options. 

6. Who services the RNJ textile recycling bins?

The non-profit Edison Wetlands Association's (EWA) Re-Purpose New Jersey pays all program costs. We have successfully provided these services for over a decade with dedicated professionals who provide superior service 24/7.

7. How do I get a tax-deductible receipt?

Please see our "Contact/Receipts"tab for more information. 

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RNJ helps protect and preserve open space throughout New Jersey and beyond, such as the Dismal Swamp Conservation Area pictured above. CLICK HERE to learn about our work.

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